CNA Certified Nursing Assistant

The Nursing Assistant Program at AMTI, as approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing, is a 126-hour program comprised of 86 classroom/laboratory hours, and 40 clinical hours. This program will provide students with the theory and skills required to practice as a nursing assistant in long-term care, intermediate care, and acute care settings. Upon registering, students must take and pass an Admissions Test. Students who do not pass either the primary or backup Admissions Test are automatically withdrawn from the program with the registration deposit refunded. A period of 30 days must elapse before re-registering.

The curriculum includes classroom/lab/clinical instruction in physiology, psychological, and basic nursing care needs when caring for clients across the lifespan with a primary focus on long term care. Teaching methods encompass a variety of strategies including hands on practice, didactic, discussion, videos, computer-aided technology, as well as laboratory and clinic based work experience. Students will learn about the Nursing Assistant’s role, foundation of resident care, understanding resident and family needs, anatomy and physiology, personal care skills, basic nursing skills, nutrition and hydration, chronic and acute conditions, and rehabilitation and restorative services. To achieve optimal test results, graduates of the Nursing Assistant Program will be expected to take the Nursing Assistant Board exam at their first opportunity, a necessary step in pursuit of licensure from the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

Students who pass an approved nursing assistant training program, receive a certificate from the program and who satisfactorily pass the written and skill State Board Exam, may choose to apply to the Board as a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) or remain on the Registry of Nursing Assistants as a CNA. No fee is required by the Board to remain on the registry as a CNA. For the LNA, a $50.00 initial application fee plus a $50.00 fingerprint criminal history fee applies. Both CNA/LNA certificate/license requires renewal every two (2) years on the birth month. For the LNA, a $50.00 renewal fee is required by the Board. As a note: CNAs who later decide to become an LNA, can pay an application fee to the Board as well as a fingerprint background check fee.

The State Board exam is administered at AMTI at various times listed on the syllabus; generally, within one week after graduation. Licensing requirements are the exclusive responsibility of the Arizona State Board of Nursing and candidates are expected to be familiar with all the requirements for licensure.


  1. Communicate effectively with clients, families, and members of the health care team.
  2. While working with the professional nurse at the healthcare institution, provide basic nursing skills, adhering to correct policy and procedures of the institution.
  3. Function as a member of a multidisciplinary health care team within the legal and ethical framework of a Nursing Assistant. 
  4. Under supervision of the RN, provide nursing services identified in the care plan to ensure, and safeguard, the client’s health and well-being.
  5. Administer personal care, rehabilitation and restorative services to clients and collaborate with healthcare team members in the delivery and coordination of such care.
  6. Demonstrate principles of leadership and client advocacy in the role of a CNA.





Upon successful completion of the classroom phase of the CNA program, the clinical practicum must be completed at designated clinical sites assigned to you by AMTI/VVA. Students must be flexible about their assigned location, day(s) of the week and time. For Evening class students will be assigned to either a Day or Weekend clinical assignment based on the needs of AMTI and clinical location.




Course Tuition                                                $1,200.00

Administrative Fee                                             $200.00

Supply Fee                                                          $50.00

Technology Fee                                                    $50.00


Total program cost due to AMTI                   $1,500.00

Supply fee includes: use of textbook, TB Skin Test, fingerprinting, uniform top, stethoscope,  and use of B/P Cuff, and gait belt and lab materials.


Additional costs not included and not payable to AMTI/VVA (subject to change):

State Board Exam                                                  $130 (payable to D&S Diversified Technologies)

LNA Application Fee                                            $50 (payable to the State Board of Nursing)

LNA Fingerprint Processing Fee                          $50 (payable to the State Board of Nursing)

CPR certification (Health Care Provider Level)   $60 (AMTI students can receive an exclusive discount rate through Heart Savers) 

Wristwatch w/second hand                                   $20 (approx.)

Black Scrub Pants                                                 $15 (approx.)

Health Physical for Health Declaration                $20 (approx.)



  1. Pay tuition in full by the first day of class for a reduced rate. CNA students receive a $200 tuition reduction. Fees remain unchanged. Total program cost $1,500.
  2. Balance of tuition options:

Option 1:                2 Payments. Down payment of $850 with the balance of $850 due by the midway point of class (when 50% of total class hours have elapsed). Total program cost $1,700.

Option 2:                3 Monthly Payments. Down payment of $650.00, followed by 3 monthly payments of $350. Tuition obligations must be satisfied in full to receive certificate.Total program cost $1,700.


Session ID: DAYTIME CNA 01/02/2023
Location: Mesa - AMTI
Dates: Jan 2, 2023 - Jan 26, 2023
Tuition: $1200.00
Fees: $300.00
Price: $1500.00
Comments: No Class on 1/16 - MLK Day
Session ID: WEEKEND CNA 01/07/2023
Location: Mesa - AMTI
Dates: Jan 7, 2023 - Feb 26, 2023
Tuition: $1200.00
Fees: $300.00
Price: $1500.00
Session ID: Daytime CNA 01/09/2023 - New Tucson Campus
Location: Tucson - Handmaker
Dates: Jan 9, 2023 - Jan 31, 2023
Tuition: $1200.00
Fees: $300.00
Price: $1500.00
Comments: This class will take place in Tucson, Arizona at Handmaker Jewish Services for Aging. It is an open enrollment class for all interested CNA students in Tucson.
Session ID: EVENING CNA 01/09/2023
Location: Mesa - AMTI
Dates: Jan 9, 2023 - Feb 16, 2023
Tuition: $1200.00
Fees: $300.00
Price: $1500.00
Comments: No Class on 1/16, MLK Day. Class will meet Friday 1/20 instead.